Relieving and Treating Back Pain Naturally with Naturopathy

Back pain is one of the most common health condition people suffer. Unlike in the past, young people nowadays suffer from this condition. Therefore, it cannot be termed as an old age health complication. Numbness, cramps or weakness usually accompany it.


Back pain results from several reasons. Osteoporosis and arthritis are the primary cause of this condition among the seniors. For younger generations, obesity, stress, deteriorated muscles, bones and poor posture are the primary causes. High levels of blood toxicity, injuries and straining when exercising also cause back pain. Prevention is the most effective therapy to deal with this problem. Naturopathic treatments provided by Alex Fisher Health Adelaide also treat back pain and enhance flexibility.

Holistic Treatment

Naturopathy treatment does not only focus on addressing back pain. It also helps treat your whole body by restoring the psychological, physical and emotional balance in your body naturally. Herbs and other natural remedies are typically used rather than pharmaceuticals.

Healthy Food

Your joints, bones and muscles should be nourished with enough proteins, vitamins and minerals to reduce their deterioration. Naturopathic treatment focuses more on an organic diet to enhance detoxification and minimise consumption of fatty processed foods.

Body Posture

The spinal column supports your body weight. So you should maintain good posture to reduce the risk of back pain. Day to day yoga maintains the right posture, thus reducing lower and upper back pain resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.

Stay Active

If you have back pain, it is advisable you perform regular exercise daily. Lack of activity makes the situation worse and may lead to disability. Frequent massage also assists in setting your muscles in the right position and reduces stiffness. Some of the exercises on the naturopath Youtube channel include stretching, yoga asanas and meditation. Avoid vigorous activities such as weightlifting or long distance walking.

Hydro Therapy

Contrast hydrotherapy is popular globally for its immediate effect in back pain relief. Hot water boosts blood flow while cold water reduces it. Alternating cold and hot water for a while assists in muscle toning and pain relief.

Natural Healing

Naturopathic treatment involves promoting a healthy lifestyle. It supports the change of behaviours and thoughts by exploring the ability your body has to heal itself. So the therapy helps alleviate the actual cause of the back pain.

Bottom Line

Each therapy has different reactions in specific individuals. That’s why the treatment is customised to meet the particular needs of each client. Following advice randomly might worsen the pain. So it is advisable you seek help from a naturopathic professional and follow an approved treatment approach.