Pain Treatment & Rehabilitation

How Shoulder Pain can be treated with Physical Therapy

Shoulder pain is one of common complaints from patient now. For the cure, physical therapy is often advised. Sometime, it is utilized for the purpose of rehabilitation after a surgery also. Based on the condition of patient, different techniques of physical therapy can be tried.

Treating shoulder is not an easy job at all as it is made of a socket joint and complex ball. Humerus is developed in the process. On the occasion, you can find shoulder blade and collar bone also. Through ligaments, shoulder is generally supported. Movement of the shoulder is made possible due to muscular attachments. Being a mobile joint, shoulder helps people to move forward and reach at a certain place.

Reason for Shoulder Pain

For different reasons, shoulder pain can be noticed. Physical activities such as basketball throwing and swimming may cause trouble in the biceps tendons and rotator cuff. Sitting posture of poor nature may lead to an aching shoulder also. Due to accidents and fall, shoulder pain can be encountered also. Sometime soreness can be noticed without any reason.

How can you cure Shoulder Pain?

If you are suffering from shoulder pain due to an accident or fall then you must look for some medical attention. For a lasting pain for about two weeks continuously, you must go to a doctor or physical therapist.

Initially, rest may be recommended for you. It may be advised for minimum three days. Ice and medication can be utilized at the time. Pendulum exercise can be a good option on the occasion also.

Following to rest for some days, physical therapy can be started. Motion exercises are performed on the occasion to bring back strength in muscles of rotator cuff. Both the shoulder ball and socket can be stabilized with the process. As a result, you may able to raise your arms without any pain.

How Physical Therapy can help?

Both evaluation and treatment of shoulder pain can be made possible with the use of aqua physical therapy.

Evaluation of pain may be done at the very beginning. Questions regarding pain may be asked at the time. Both relieving and aggravating factors must be discussed also. Special tests can be done to understand about the extent of pain. Structural cause for the pain can be discovered through this technique. In this way, it may be possible to know how the problem can be treated.

Therapeutic modalities may be used to manage the pain along with inflammation at the same time. By the physical therapist, you may be advised to perform the exercise at the home also. By following instruction of the professional, mobility and strength can be improved. If there is any question in the mind then it may be asked right away.

What to do with further increase of pain?

Presence of shoulder pain can be noticed for a month or two. Improvement may be started to show after few weeks. If the pain is not reduced even after that then you may be asked to visit a specialist. Further treatment with the help of surgery and injections may be instructed on the occasion.